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Radiant and In-Floor Heating

Pink Plumbing Group offers expert installation services for radiant and in-floor heating. If you are ready to upgrade your home’s heating system, give us a call today!

Radiant Heat Services

If you are ready to upgrade or replace your home’s heating system and are interested in having radiant heating installed, get in touch with Pink Plumbing Group today! We will ensure that your heating system is installed properly and in a timely manner. Our radiant heating services include:

Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is a type of heating system that uses a network of pipes installed beneath your flooring to move hot water underneath the rooms in your home. The heat from the water located in the pipes below the flooring warms your home from the floor up.

Installing Radiant Heating Systems

More and more people are installing hot water radiant heat and in-floor systems in their homes. Radiant heating has many benefits, so it is no wonder that it is growing in popularity.

Radiant Flooring
Benefits of Radiant Heating

Benefits of Radiant Heating

Cost Effective – Radiant in-floor heating is a very efficient option, meaning it heats your home effectively without expending excess energy and driving your monthly bills up.


Quiet – Unlike other heating systems which can be noisy and disruptive, radiant floor heating is silent, providing a peaceful, calm environment.


Consistent Heat – Hydronic floor heating systems distribute heat evenly beneath your flooring, so the entire floor is consistently heated and you don’t have those annoying cold spots.


Doesn’t Take Up Space – Since radiant floor heating systems are located underneath your flooring, you won’t have any valuable real estate taken up by bulky radiators, allowing for more space and design flexibility.

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