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Our Hot Water Services

Whether you need a tankless or a standard hot water tank replacement or repair, Pink Plumbing Group will get the job done efficiently, properly and at a price that doesn’t break the bank.


(Residential Only)

Our Water Heater Services:

Hot Water Tanks

Hot Water Tank Repairs

Is your hot water taking longer than usual to heat up? If you have a problem with your hot water tank or tankless water heater, call a qualified plumber right away. The faster you get your water heater repaired or replaced, the less time there is for the issue & possible leaks to get worse.


Signs Your Hot Water Tank Needs Replacing

  • Water is taking a long time to heat up
  • Water is not getting as hot as it used to
  • You notice unusual noises coming from your hot water tank
  • Leaking and/or condensation on or around your hot water tank

Hot Water Tank Installation

If you need a hot water tank replacement or an installation, trust Pink Plumbing Group for the job! Our experienced professionals will efficiently remove your old hot water tank and install your new model quickly. We always go above and beyond to ensure efficient, high quality installations and an exceptional customer experience.

We sell and install all of the most popular models of water heaters, including Rheem, Bradford, John Wood, and Navien Tankless Water Heaters. Whether you are looking for a hot water tank or a tankless model, Pink Plumbing has the right fit for you. For advice on choosing the best type of water heater for your home, call us today at 778-869-2902.

Bath Tub Relaxation
Hot Water Tanks

Tankless Water Heaters

If you prefer to go tankless, Pink Plumbing also installs and repairs tankless water heaters. More and more people are opting for tankless units in their homes because they save space, provide hot water on demand, can save on monthly bills, last longer than hot water tanks, and are more environmentally friendly.   Interested in upgrading to a tankless water heater or need maintenance, repairs, or installation done?

Radiant and In-Floor Heating

If you are ready to upgrade or replace your home’s heating system and are interested in having radiant heating installed, get in touch with Pink Plumbing Group today! We will ensure that your heating system is installed properly and in a timely manner.

Pink Plumbing Group offers expert installation services for radiant and in-floor heating. If you are ready to upgrade your home’s heating system, give us a call today!

Radiant Flooring

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